alt text API Documentation v1.0

Use this documentation as reference for the BizMiner API:

Created in 2019 by Nolan Walker for .

Getting Started

You are required to have an API Key to use the BizMiner API. To get started, please contact us.

API Endpoints

The following endpoints are available. All API endpoints require an API Key.

General Data

Industry Finanical Data

Access to BizMiner's Industry Financial 2.0 Series data.

Industry Market Data

Access to BizMiner's Industry Market Trend Series data.

Company Insight Files

Access to BizMiner's Company Insight Files data.


All responses are in JSON format.

HTTP Response Codes

The following HTTP response codes are returned by the BizMiner API.

200 Success
A successful response. 

400 Data Not Available No data available, check parameters.

401 Unauthorized Unauthorized access, incorrect API key or hash.

500 Server Error Unexpected server error.

Error Response Data Structure

The following is the data structure of 4xx responses.

 -status (HTTP code)
 -error (error title)
 -message (error message)
 -responseID (unique code from the server for debugging)