alt text Company Insight File Data

This section describes access to BizMiner's Company Insight Files.


Request Type



All parameters are required.

companyId (int 10)
The unique company identifier for BizMiner data. API Endpoint

zip (int 10) The zip code of the company.

apiKey (varchar 40) The API key as provided by BizMiner staff. Used for authentication and billing.

requestId (varchar 16) An optional value to track and debug client calls. Default to 0.

hash (varchar 40) The SHA1 hashed value of: bznaics + areaId + zips + mapCenter + mapCenterZip + radius + apiKey using the secret provided by BizMiner at the time of providing the API key. This is used to authenticate requests. If the hash does not match server-side validation, and error response will be returned.

Successful Response Data Structure

The following is the data structure of 200 responses. For a list of unsuccessful response codes see here.

 -status (HTTP code)
 -responseID (unique code from the server for debugging)
 -reportMeta [collection] (report parameters)
    -reportType (report title)
    -timeSeries (report data time series)
    -companyId (unique company identifier)
    -address (company streeet address)
    -city (company city)
    -state (company state)
    -zip (company zip)
    -ownerFirst (company owner first name)
    -ownerLast (company owner last name)
    -phone (company phone)
    -website (company website)
    -yearEstablished (company year established)
    -operationType (company operation type)
    -corporateSales (corporate sales if available)
    -corporateEmployment (corporate employment if available)
    -bznaics (report bznaics code)
    -industry (report industry name)
 -reportData [collection]
    -industryFinancial [collection]
    -industryMarket [collection]
        -mapData [collection]
            -coordinates[collection] (competitors)
    -vestimate [collection]